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Bitcoin Circuit – Traders Crypto Trading Bot Recension

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Bitcoin Circuit: A Full Review of a Scamming Crypto Bot

In the previous years, the demand for crypto trading bots skyrocketed. People noticed that they are able to create a significant amount of passive income from the crypto market.

Unfortunately, the developing market attracts criminals and scammers as well. There are many reports of fraudulent websites, promising millions with almost no investment. However, the users end up losing everything, including their sensitive data. In this Bitcoin Circuit review, we are inspecting another souspicous crypto trading bot.

Bitcoin Circuit logo
Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 10%
Minimum deposit and payment options 50%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

Bitcoin Circuit List of Risks

  • There is no crypto trading algorithm
  • The bot doesn’t apply any safety protocols
  • The platform doesn’t have any licenses to operate
  • Unfavorable privacy policy
  • Poor user feedback
  • Unethical marketing strategies
  • Poor content

What Is Bitcoin Circuit Trading Bot?

Bitcoin Circuit is a fake crypto trading bot. Its creators are well-known criminals we have already written a lot about. 

The team behind Bitcoin Circuit does not provide any genuine service. The only purpose of the Bitcoin Circuit platform is to come into possession of user’s sensitive data such as

  • phone number
  • credit card number
  • other contact details.

There is no crypto trading algorithm, and therefore Bitcoin Circuit can’t make profits from the crypto market.

Now, before we get to the point and explain why it is best to avoid using Bitcoin Circuit, let’s first see their side of the story.

Bitcoin Circuit Web platform Review

The information we have about Bitcoin Circuit is scarce and incomplete. Paradoxically, we find more details about the platform from their affiliate’s reviews than the official website itself.

In fact, the website doesn’t tell us almost anything. It is quite basic and crude, and has only a couple of landing pages. The home page contains only the following elements: 

  • a promotional video, which is almost a trademark of the scamming network that’s behind this platform
  • the signup form
  • 4 frequently asked questions (two of which are almost the same)
  • privacy policy section

The other two landing pages are named “Term” and “Privacy”. 

In other words, there isn’t ANY mention of how the platform works, who created it, and when. 

Once an account is created, users can access a quite rudimentary dashboard. There are only several available options: Live Trading, Demo Mode, and Deposit/Withdrawal.

Finally, let’s mention the extremely low quality of Bitcoin Circuit website content. In the screenshot below, one can see several grammatical errors in only one sentence. To make things worse, this sentence is displayed on the homepage.

The site’s content is so bad, that it’s incomprehensible and sometimes even unsettling, like in the following example.

We have yet to understand which tombstones are in question.

In any case, it possible to believe a company is legit if they can’t even bother to find a content writer that actually speaks English?

It could be funny, if these scammers didn’t steal thousands of dollars from innocent and unsuspecting people. 

Fake Crypto Bot Reviews: Highly Suspicious

To find out more details, one has to consult Bitcoin Circuit affiliate reviews. 

The reviews claim that the Bitcoin Circuit’s “algorithm” tracks the crypto market, analyses data and predicts future trends with 99% accuracy. 

Needless to say, this is a too high percentage, that is simply impossible considering the hyper-volatile crypto market and current technology available to the human race. 

Furthermore, every review assures readers that the withdrawals are “fast”. However, none of them provides information on how they are processed. Are withdrawals available via credit cards, or are there other options such as PayPal or Skrill? Bitcoin Circuit is very secretive about withdrawals, and it is a major red flag.

Of course, just like any other scamming bot, stories about millions of “passive income” are all over Bitcoin Circuit’s websites and reviews. And allegedly, all it takes to become a “millionaire” is to fund the Bitcoin Circuit account with a minimum of $250 or a maximum of $15,000.

Security, Licensing, and Payments of Bitcoin Circuit

One of the largest issues in the crypto market is cybersecurity. Hackers attacks are happening all the time. In order to protect their users, the legit crypto bot platforms use strong safety protocols, such as API keys and multi-factor authentification.

However, the only safety precaution Bitcon Circuit offers is an SSL certificate. It is true that having SSL encryption is desirable, but it is no safety protocol. It is a standard, implemented by the majority of websites these days. And it is by no means a guarantee that user data is safe.

Furthermore, although the Bitcoin Circuit webpage displays McAfee, Norton, and several other site seals, they are all fake. If clicked, they don’t redirect to any certificate. They are nothing but images downloaded from Google. 

And that is not the end. A closer look at their privacy policy reveals even more unpleasant surprises. The privacy policy is openly hostile towards the users. Basically, it says that by using the website, users agree that their personal data can be shared with ANYONE without prior notice. 

Additionally, Bitcoin Circuit even openly admits that it is NOT A REAL COMPANY.

Finally, there is evidence that one of the Bitcoin Circuit’s domains was flagged for phishing. 

User Feedback and Other Evidence That Bitcoin Circuit Is a Scam

Now, let’s begin with evidence that Bitcoin Circuit is a scam. 

First and foremost, there is user feedback. The overall rating for Bitcoin Circuit’s page on Trustpilot is high: 4,3 (out of 5). Although Trustpilot is a trustworthy website, scammers have found a way to deceive people even there. 

Unfortunately, buying positive reviews for Trustpilot has become a routine for crypto scammers. It is very easy to see that most of the positive reviews of Bitcoin Circuit on Trustpilot are fake. Namely, a large majority of them are written by profiles that have only 1 review on Trustpilot. Clearly, they were made only for the purpose of commenting on the Bitcoin Circuit page.

Also, it is possible to see that the positive reviews are fake because they have commented positively on other scamming crypto bots. The screenshots below show one of the examples.

Would a real person comment on two different crypto bots on the exact same day? Highly unlikely. 

The negative reviews section shows a more authentic truth behind Bitcoin Circuit. It is possible to read disturbing testimonials of people who have obviously been robbed and disturbed by Bitcoin Circuit. 

They claim that the moment they created the account, they started receiving countless phone calls. People on the other side of the line kept asking them to invest more money. Once refused, the caller would become very unpolite and pushy. Some people even had to change their numbers, as the calls wouldn’t stop.

The CNN Fake News On the Home Page: Scammers’ Traditional Strategy

From the screenshot below, it is possible to see the CNN news video embedded on the Bitcoin Circuit’s homepage. 

A series of other scamming crypto bots share exactly the same video: Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcon Trader, 1k Daily Profit, and many more.

Our Final Verdict: Bitcoin Circuit Is a SCAM!

Our Bitcoin Circuit review comes down to the same conclusion: Bitcoin Circuit is a SCAM. Just like its sister sites, it is involved in theft and unpermitted data collection and misuse. Also, everything written on their website and in affiliate bot “reviews” is false. 

There is not one single proof that goes in favour of the Bitcoin Circuit platform. It is a creation of a dangerous group of criminals, and should be avoided at all costs.


Is Bitcoin Circuit a Legit Crypto Trading Bot?

Absolutely not. Bitcoin Circuit is a fake platform, created by cyber criminals involved in stealing money and data.

Is It Safe to Trade With Bitcoin Circuit?

No. Users are highly recommended to never share any private information on this platform, including credit card and phone numbers.

Is Bitcoin Circuit Free to Use?

Officially, yes, Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t charge any service fees. In reality, however, trading on this platform will almost certainly lead to significant losses.

Does Bitcoin Circuit Crypto Bot Have an AI Algorithm?

No. Bitcoin Circuit is not a real crypto bot. It is only a platform presenting itself as a crypto bot, in order to unlawfully collect private data and money.

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