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Bitcoin Freedom – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 6 minutes

How to Use Bitcoin Freedom? Full Scam Crypto Trading Bot Review

In this Bitcoin Freedom review, we are unravelling another case of a scam crypto robot. 

Unfortunately, the crypto industry develops much faster than international legislation and people’s knowledge about the latest technologies. In turn, the industry attracts a lot of criminals, willing to take advantage of the situation. In the last couple of years, they have developed a series of strategies to use people’s interest in crypto against them. They are a widespread network of con artists, using their knowledge in marketing and IT to manipulate people and steal their money and data.

Therefore, every story about a fake crypto trading bot is an opportunity to learn more about these criminals’ rogue strategies and recognize their fraud before it is too late.

Bitcoin Freedom logo

● Security 10

● Ease of use 10

● UI/UX 10

● Minimum deposit and payment options 10

● Demo account 10

● Support and tutorials 10

● Profit 10

● Overall rating 10

Risks of Using Bitcoin Freedom 

  • No licenses
  • No cybersecurity protocols
  • Fake user testimonials
  • Unethical marketing
  • No crypto trading algorithm
  • Poor webdesign

What Is Bitcoin Freedom Crypto Trading Bot? Is It Really a Scam?

Bitcoin Freedom is another fraud platform, pretending to be a crypto trading bot. There’s nothing new about it, as it is just one of the dozens of similar copy-paste scams created by the same criminals.

As is usually the case with such scam platforms, Bitcoin Freedom doesn’t give us any important facts. They aren’t informing us about the platform’s features, licenses, and the company’s registration number. Instead, all we get on their website and in affiliate reviews is blabber about BTC and useless content. 

An example of useless content is the “About Us” section on Bitcoin Freedom’s website. To say the truth, unlike some other scam crypto bots that have websites with only one landing page, someone really paid attention to make Bitcoin Freedom resemble less obvious of a scam. But, even though there is the “About Us” section, all we get is a fairytale about mysterious college students Jeff and Mike. They wanted to bring financial freedom to the world, so they developed a crypto trading system that will benefit anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Well, Jeff and Mike could write a bit more about the algorithm and the interface of their wondrous platform. But they didn’t even tell us what is their company’s address, which makes us believe they don’t actually exist, as well as their “company” and award-winning “software”. 

Bitcoin Freedom: Scam Web Platform Review

Although there isn’t much to say, let’s quickly skim through what Bitcoin Freedom says they offer.

They say that their platform has advanced technology, which is faster and quicker than any other robot and the market itself! On their official website, they tell us that their software is award-winning, although we don’t get to know which award is in question. This superior technology predicts the trends in the crypto market with 90% accuracy. And, everyone can use it for free!

Bitcoin Freedom uses the same “get rich quick” rhetoric characteristic for scam crypto robots. What they basically say is lay back, enjoy, and let the robot make money for you. Of course, this is a big lie, because machines and algorithms only execute tasks. They don’t know what’s good for users and need users to define the tasks for them. 

Similar design - Bitcoin Freedom
Similar design - Bitcoin Fast Profit

The similar web design shared by various scam crypto robots

Although deeply naive, Bitcoin Freedom’s lies are very juicy. Who wouldn’t like to make $1000 every day, with only $250 of minimum deposit? If it were true, everyone would be a millionaire by now. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Furthermore, there are only several available “features” on the platform:

  • Live trading
  • Demo mode

In truth, the entire platform is actually a demo mode, as there is no genuine algorithm behind it. The only purpose of these Ponzi schemes is to lure people into making deposits. Then, the system will show them as if they’re earning money, asking them to deposit even more. In the end, when the user wants to withdraw the gains, they realize that it is impossible and that all of their money is lost.

The lost money isn’t the only problem, though. Another problem is that the criminals now have users’ credit card credentials and phone numbers. These criminals are known to collaborate with various shady third parties and are more than willing to sell this data to them. In turn, the users will start getting countless phone calls each day, and if they pick up, a very rude person will start asking personal questions and forcing them to deposit more money.

This is the truth behind Bitcoin Freedom and similar crypto trading bots. Therefore, traders are advised to stay away from questionable platforms and invest their money with bots that:

  • are transparent about their team and company
  • have many different features
  • whose features can be customized by users
  • have licenses to operate
  • employ cybersecurity protocols

Unethical Marketing 

The canniest thing about Bitcoin Freedom is their affiliate reviews. Although they are obviously online thieves that couldn’t care less about the destinies of people they steal from, they promote themselves as a life-saving platform.

Namely, they hire affiliates to write affirmative blog posts on countless websites. In such a way, anyone typing “Bitcoin Freedom review” on Google gets only these fake reviews. In other words, the affiliates are piling up the Google search results page, thus having complete control over what users can find about them online. 

Security and Licenses

Bitcoin Freedom has none of the above. That means, traders using the platform have to trust Jeff and Mike will protect their data and make sure their money is safe.

Users that prefer not to entrust their hard-earned money to fictional Jeff and Mike, are advised to stay away from this platform. Otherwise, they put their online privacy and sensitive data at risk.

User Feedback on Bitcoin Freedom: All Fake

One would think that criminals are getting smarter in time, learning how to better hide evidence that they are lying. However, in the case of Bitcoin Freedom, this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Namely, on Bitcon Freedom’s official website we see the following customer feedback section.

fake reviews

It is funny how easy it is to figure out that these customer “reviews” are fake. A simple Google research reveals that Rebecca T. is a stock image. Also, beautiful Kenneth P. from Dallas is actually a Colombian actress Sofia Vergara.

fake review image


fake review model


The next logical question is: are there any genuine user reviews on Bitcoin Freedom, and what do they say? Unfortunately, the answer is no. All of the reviews on Trustpilot are also 100% positive and fake. It is easy to figure out why they are fake: all of them have the “Invited” label and none of the users has more than 1 review. In other words, all of the accounts are fictive and were made only for the purpose of reviewing this scam bot.

Final Verdict: Bitcoin Freedom Is a SCAM!

Bitcoin Freedom is another name in the long list of scam crypto robots. Evidence in favour of such an opinion is plentiful. This platform makes unrealistic profit promises, it has only several features and has no licenses to operate. Besides, the website is cheap and displays a bunch of useless information and fake testimonials.

Therefore, traders are warmly advised to refrain from engaging with Bitcoin Freedom’s platform, as the criminals are monitoring every step, waiting for the opportunity to take their users’ money and online data.


What is Bitcoin Freedom?

Bitcoin Freedom is another scam crypto robot, presenting itself as a genuine crypto trading platform. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Freedom has nothing to do with trading or crypto. It uses cryptocurrencies only as a story to lure people into making an account on the platform. Once users share their personal data on the platform, their funds are being stolen and their phone numbers and other sensitive data sold to shady third parties.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Freedom?

There is no way to earn money with Bitcoin Freedom, as this platform has no crypto trading algorithm. 

Do I need the trading experience to trade with Bitcoin Freedom?

Yes, in order to trade with cryptocurrencies (with or without crypto trading robots), users should have at least basic knowledge and experience in crypto.

How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin Freedom?

There is no way to withdraw money from Bitcoin Freedom. The creators of the platform made it so as to take all of their users’ deposits.

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