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Bitcoin Future – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Bitcoin Future: Scam Alert! Full Review

BitcoinFuture logo

Every year, scammers manage to find a way to make a bigger damage to the growing crypto industry. They use very canny psychological and marketing tricks to convince people to deposit money on their fake platforms. Unfortunately, these people end up being robbed of both their deposits and sensitive data.

In this Bitcoin Future review, we will expose another example of a scam crypto robot. Firstly, we will go through their lies and big promises. Then, we will reveal the sad and dangerous truth behind this bot and those alike.

● Security 10

● Ease of use 10

● UI/UX 10

● Minimum deposit and payment options 10

● Demo account 10

● Support and tutorials 10

● Profit 10

● Overall rating 10

Bitcoin Future: the Risks

  • Strong resemblance to other crypto bot scams
  • Unfriendly privacy policy
  • No cybersecurity 
  • No licenses
  • Unethical marketing techniques

Bitcoin Future Trading Bot: a Scam Exposed

Bitcoin Future is another scam crypto trading platform, bragging with a non-existent AI algorithm that brings impossible profits.

The reasons one should avoid this platform are many, and we are about to enlist them all. 

But before we unravel the truth behind Bitcoin Future, let’s first see what these criminals have to say about themselves.

According to their official website and affiliate reviews, Bitcoin Future is a platform that operates a crypto trading robot powered by Artificial Intelligence. And, what’s best, this latest technology comes to users absolutely free of charge! The only thing users need to do is deposit a minimum of $250 and wait for the magic to happen.

The Bitcoin Future’s bot is faster and more accurate than any other existing crypto trading bot in the world. While the most expensive bots predict changes in cryptocurrency prices with 70% of accuracy, Bitcoin Future is 96% accurate. Although even the best crypto trading bots can’t always keep up with all the changes in the volatile crypto market, Bitcoin Future is 0.1 seconds faster than the market itself.

Therefore, they say, this superior (and free) technology can make up to $7000 of profit a day. Each day! 

Sounds like a dream? Probably because it is.

The reality behind this bot is far less attractive and glittering than the lies their website and fake reviews are filled with.

The Truth Behind Bitcoin Future Web Platform

Before we go on with the evidence that Bitcoin Future is a scam, let’s first point out one thing. Although they promise a lot, the team behind Bitcoin Future doesn’t give us the following crucial information: 

  • Who are its developers
  • What does the platform look like and which features does it have
  • Contact form, in case of any issues
  • Company address and tax number

When we want to check if a company is legit, this is the information we need to know. However, Bitcoin Future is secretive about each of them. In turn, we conclude that these guys aren’t to be trusted.

Security and Licenses: Unknown 

Legit crypto trading bots guarantee online privacy by strict cybersecurity protocols and genuine site stamps. As can be seen from Bitcoin Future’s website, this platform has zero online protection. 

The same goes for the licenses. The platform doesn’t display any information about licenses. They don’t even bother to lie.


Perhaps the most problematic section of their website is the privacy policy, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

As can be seen, Bitcoin Future almost openly admits that they are a non-existing company!

But what’s far less amusing and far more dangerous are the sentences that refer to user data. Namely, the platform keeps the right to sell their users’ personal data (such as credit card credentials, phone number, etc.) to “other third parties”.

Of course, we don’t know who these third parties are, and we will probably never know. 

So, there it is. The privacy policy of this platform reveals what is the purpose of this website. There is no algorithm and no crypto trading platform. These guys are here to steal people’s money and harvest as much data as possible. 

To those thinking that it’s not important where their online data goes, we say, think again. Bitcoin Future is a copy-paste scam and a creation of a dangerous international criminal group. 

According to countless testimonials from users who took the bait and made an account on scam platforms such as Bitcoin Future, the criminals would call them on the phone dozens of times a day, trying to make the person deposit more money.

In the screenshots below, readers can see another proof that Bitcoin Future is a scam. The homepages of all these “crypto trading bots” are almost exactly the same. They are all cheap, have useless or no content, and display exactly the same video. Obviously, these are all creations of the same group of people.

Bitcoin Fast Profit front page
Bitcoin Freedom frontpage

User Feedback on Bitcoin Future

Although Bitcoin Future has a quite high rating on Trustpilot (4.0 out of 5), this just is another manipulation. This rating comes from only 6 reviews, out of with 5 are positive. Interestingly, all of the positive reviews have an “invited” label. This label indicates that these users have been invited by the “company” to leave a review. 

Could it be that the profiles are fake, and created by this very “company”, so as to make it appear like people are genuinely satisfied with Bitcoin Future? Most probably, this is the case, as most “satisfied customers” have only one review on Trustpilot.

Our Final Verdict: SCAM ALERT!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no doubt about this one. This Bitcoin Future review showed that this is a school example of a scam. They didn’t provide us with any important information (company address, tax number, tutorials). At the same time, they don’t have any licenses or cybersecurity measures. 

Probably the most obvious proof that Bitcoin Future is a scam is their website. It is cheap and looks almost the same like dozens of other scam crypto platforms. For this and many other reasons, we are certain that this is NOT a crypto trading platform, but merely a website created by criminals whose only purpose is to steal people’s money and sensitive data.

Therefore, users are strongly advised to AVOID this platform, and use proven crypto trading platforms instead.


Is it safe to trade with Bitcoin Future crypto trading bot?

Absolutely not. On the contrary, Bitcoin Future is what is often referred to as the “wrong side of the internet”. This website doesn’t follow any online security protocols, and even openly admits that it sells user data to third parties.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Future?

It is impossible to profit from Bitcoin Future, as the website doesn’t have any trading algorithm.

Is Bitcoin Future a scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Future is a scam. 

Do I need experience in crypto to trade with Bitcoin Future?

The level of your experience in crypto is irrelevant for Bitcoin Future, as the platform doesn’t have anything to do with cryptocurrencies. It only uses crypto to lure people into making an account on the platform and depositing money.

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