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Bitcoin Gemini – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Should You Use Bitcoin Gemini? Full Scam Crypto Robot Review

In this Bitcoin Gemini review, we are going to disclose another example of fraud that uses the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies to lure people and take their hard-earned money.

● Security 10

● Ease of use 10

● UI/UX 10

● Minimum deposit and payment options 10

● Demo account 10

● Support and tutorials 10

● Profit 10

● Overall rating 10

Bitcoin Gemini: Risks Chart  

  • Resemblance to similar crypto scams
  • Unrealistic gains promises
  • No genuine algorithm
  • Unethical marketing
  • Cheap web design

Bitcoin Gemini Trading Bot: What Is It And Why You Should Stay Away?

front page

To be clear from the very start: Bitcoin Gemini is not a trading bot. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or any legal matter. Bitcoin Gemini is a fraud, only pretending to be a crypto platform so as to extract money from people while they think they are earning on the crypto market.

Most probably, the name of this crypto trading bot is created to hint at Gemini, a famous crypto exchange and wallet.

The criminals who created Bitcoin Gemini are the same dream team that stands behind dozens of other similar scam crypto bots we have been warning about. 

According to Bitcoin Gemini’s fake reviews, this is a crypto trading platform with superior technology. Allegedly, this technology is an AI-powered algorithm that can make users rich in only several days, without them doing anything. 

It seems that these criminals’ main target audience are older and retired people. Many reviews mention that making an account on Bitcoin Gemini “is the best decision you can make” if you want to make good money even after retirement.

Whatever their target audience is, their motivation is clear: they are aiming at people struggling with poverty, debt, or similar financial difficulties. Besides, they are targeting people who aren’t really experienced with computers and technology. 

This is a quite cruel strategy because what these con artists are basically doing is taking desperate people’s last penny. And at the same time, they are presenting themselves as saviours who provide common people with superior technology that will make them rich, all free of charge.

All the Lies Told By Bitcoin Gemini: Web Platform Review

Now, before we get to the evidence to support our claims that Bitcoin Gemini is a scam, let’s first take a look at what this platform has to say.

The team behind Bitcoin Gemini claims that their main goal was to enable everyone to take advantage of the developing crypto industry.

The minimum deposit required to launch the app is $250. The algorithm makes thousands of dollars of profit every day. Allegedly, the Bitcoin Gemini’s algorithm predicts beneficial trades with 98% of accuracy and is much quicker than any other existing bot. 

The only “features” offered by Bitcoin Gemini are:

  • Live trading
  • Demo mode
  • Broker’s assistance.

Using Bitcoin Gemini is free, there are no service fees or other charges.

Needless to say, all of the scam crypto robots we have reviewed so far say that they are the quickest and the most accurate bots on the planet. 

What Bitcoin Gemini doesn’t tell us is who developed this wonderful algorithm, when, and do they have any sort of licence for what they are doing. Also, we don’t know the company’s country of origin, phone number, or address. Wondering why? Because there is no company. Bitcoin Gemini is nothing but a cheap website with a few landing pages, whose sole purpose is to manipulate people into making a deposit. 

Of course, if they make an account on Bitcoin Gemini, users will eventually lose the deposit as well as personal data, time, nerves, and dignity.

Security and Licenses: Do They Exist on Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini couldn’t even afford a proper website. Why would they spend money on cybersecurity? Also, why bother obtaining licenses, developing algorithms, and doing any respectful job if they can simply rob people?

In other words, no, Bitcoin Gemini has no security protocols and licenses.

User Feedback On Bitcoin Gemini

At the moment, there aren’t any reliable sources of user feedback on Bitcoin Gemini. The platform doesn’t have a page on Trustpilot, and at the time of writing, their website wasn’t working either. 

In any case, if Bitcoin Gemini was such a superior solution for the world’s financial problems, there probably would be at least some customer comments online. Like this, we don’t have any other choice but to believe that Bitcoin Gemini is just another Ponzi scheme that well deserves to be forgotten.

Our Final Verdict: Bitcoin Gemini Is a Scam!

The final conclusion of this Bitcoin Gemini review is that Bitcoin Gemini is a fake crypto trading platform. The “company” is secretive about important information such as headquarters address, developing team, or contact number. At the same time, the platform offers only several features and strongly resembles other scam crypto robots in crude web design and juicy lying.

Therefore, we conclude that Bitcoin Gemini is just another creation of a criminal international network. This network steals millions of dollars every year, ruining people’s lives and the crypto industry’s reputation, and its members will hopefully soon be uncovered and put behind bars, where they belong.

FAQ on Bitcoin Gemini Scam Crypto Trading Bot

How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Gemini?

There aren’t any fees for using Bitcoin Gemini. However, the real cost of using this platform is putting your money and sensitive data at risk. 

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Gemini?

It is impossible to profit from Bitcoin Gemini, because in reality there is no crypto trading algorithm. The entire platform was invented by criminals only to steal money and data.

How much do I have to work to profit from Bitcoin Gemini?

There is no way to make a profit on Bitcoin Gemini, regardless of your effort. The best thing you can do for yourself is to never make an account on this platform.

Is Bitcoin Gemini a scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Gemini is a scam, and users are h3ly advised not to use this platform.

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