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Crypto Comeback Pro – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Crypto Comeback Pro – Full Review: A Not-So-Credible Crypto Trading Bot

Venturing into financial independence can be a difficult feat. One has to be wary of all sorts of scams, and crypto trading bots can be one of them.

To be more precise, a group of scammers is presenting their devious products as trading bots. There are plenty of legitimate trading bots if you want to try them out – 3Commas, Trality, Cryptohopper, etc.

However, for every legit crypto trading bot out there, there seem to be at least three scamming ones. And Crypto Comeback Pro is one of them.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first review their websites (yes, plural) and the offer.

FeaturesRate (0-100)
Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc)5
Ease of use100
Minimum deposit and payment options10
Demo account0
Support and tutorials0
Profit (according to User reviews)10
Overall rating15

There Are At Least Six “Official” Crypto Comeback Pro Websites

We started our investigation as we always do – with a simple Google search. Now, it is of the utmost importance to be persistent and check the second, third, and fourth pages.

The fake positive reviews actually bumped other websites of this scamming “trading bot” to those pages. But we were relentless in our pursuit of the truth. So we have uncovered at least six “official” websites for Crypto Comeback Pro. There could, of course, be more.

similar websites
similar websites
crypto comeback pro org frontpage similar websites
similar websites
similar websites
cryptocomeback pro com frontpage similar websites

But one of these proved to be more interesting than the others.

We Do Not Service Clients From… Well, Anywhere

When we originally stumbled upon one of these “official” Crypto Comeback Pro websites, we got a notice that they do not service clients from the US.

But, technology being what it is these days, we quickly changed our IP address using a VPN. So we pretended to be from Europe, Asia, North America, most of the countries where trading is extremely popular and regulated. And also from some where it is unregulated.

But we always got the same message. Here are a few examples:

similar websites
similar websites
similar websites

It appears as if they do not accept clients from… well, anywhere.

Crypto Comeback Pro Features – There Are Fees, There Are No Fees

After a while, it gives one a headache to try and keep up with so many different websites, claims, and promises. So we will quickly go through the alleged offer, as we see no point in explaining it since it is all a sham.

There are no fees, absolutely none, according to two of their websites. They want to make trading possible for everyone, we suppose, out of the goodness of their hearts.

Oh, but wait, there are fees and commissions on other websites. A 2% commission fee. And our favorite, really: Are there any fees? Yes, to pay the expenses. But how much exactly? A very small percentage.


Then, there’s the demo. On one of the websites, they offer it, which is relatively common. It is free, which is also pretty standard.


But on another website, they don’t think you need it, and they even say so.

You can earn up to $800 daily or $2000 weekly. Wait, that doesn’t add up. Well, it only depends on which website you consult. On one it’s twice as much, on another… well, who knows.

The rest of the info is the standard lies they tell: their software works with 99.4% accuracy, it takes the 0.01s time loop to its advantage, the support operates 24/7, etc.

Fake Customer Testimonials

So, as standard with these websites, they put satisfied customers’ reviews on display.

fake testimonials
fake testimonials

But, they are all fake. The users’ photos are actually downloaded from the stock images websites, as proven below.

fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture
fake profile picture

The Crypto Comeback Pro Website Is a Bit Problematic on Trustpilot

So, seeing all of the evidence of a scamming crypto bot, one would think is enough. But we did not stop here. Instead, we hopped over to Trustpilot to see what the users say there.

And we found very little information there. But what was even more interesting is their website linked to the Trustpilot account.

fake Trustpilot reviews

As shown in the image above, they stated this domain to be this website. But when we clicked on it, it took us to a different domain:

fake Trustpilot reviews

This just added to the pile of evidence their whole operation is a scam. But we also wanted to check that other website, so we tried the URL and got nowhere:

wrong domain name

Given the fact that this is their only Trustpilot account, we were hoping they would put more effort into making it look legit.

No Company Registered to This Address

While on Trustpilot, we also checked the address they provided for the company.

wrong address

And, surprise, surprise, it’s fake. There is no company in the UK’s government database registered to this address.

wrong address

Fake Trustpilot Reviews of Crypto Comeback Pro

Last but not least, we took a look at the only four reviews of Crypto Comeback Pro that exist on Trustpilot. And they do not instill confidence.

First of all, these people have only ever posted there once. This in itself isn’t much of a problem, but they lack credibility, to start.

Secondly, and more importantly, their reviews are labeled “Invited”. This means that the company has solicited the reviews directly from the “users”.

fake review
fake review
fake review

All of this combined with the abundance of evidence we found against Crypto Comeback Pro leads us to conclude that these reviews are fake.

Is Crypto Comeback Pro a Scam? – Our Verdict: Yes!

From multiple websites to constant redirects to fake testimonials, it is obvious that Crypto Comeback Pro is nothing but a scam. Its creators are cunning individuals whose only goal is to steal and cheat innocent traders and beginners in the industry.

The crypto trading industry is growing and so is the number of these scams. We advise all of our readers to look carefully, read as many reviews as possible, and consult different sources before investing their money. It is almost impossible to get the money back after it is transferred to these scammers.

FAQs on Crypto Comeback Pro

Is Crypto Comeback Pro a scam?

Crypto Comeback Pro is most definitely a scam! They make ridiculous promises about returns, there are multiple websites and fake reviews. You should not trust this crypto trading bot.

Should I invest with Crypto Comeback Pro?

Crypto Comeback Pro is not a safe investment. They are a scamming platform designed to trick people into thinking it is a trading bot. You most definitely should not invest with this bot.

Is Crypto Comeback Pro a legit trading bot?

Crypto Comeback Pro is not a trading bot. It is a fraud to make you think you can trade crypto, while they take away your money through offshore brokers.

How much money can I make with Crypto Comeback Pro?

You cannot make money with Crypto Comeback Pro, as it is a scam. You should avoid this platform and any similar fraudulent websites, as you will only lose your hard-earned money.

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