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Cryptosoft – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 6 minutes

How to use Cryptosoft – Full Review: What Is Cryptosoft and Is It a Legit Trading Bot?

In this Cryptosoft review, we will examine this alleged crypto trading bot and check to see if it is prudent to invest money with this platform.

We will take a look at their website, ease of use, and testimonials. We will also check for any discrepancies in the data provided on their website and information we can find elsewhere. In the end, we will assess all of the data gathered and give our final verdict about the Cryptosoft trading bot.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 0%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 60%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 0%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews) 0%
Overall rating 10%

We have managed to find five Cryptosoft websites. When looking at them, it is obvious that they really put any effort into just two of them. The rest do not even offer any basic information.

similar website layout
similar website layout
cryptosoft net frontpage
similar website layout
similar website layout

As standardized for all of these schemes, everything is free of charge. There aren’t and never will be any fees. We can’t help but wonder how they plan on paying the bills if they are basically running a charity.

The novelty with Cryptosoft is that there isn’t a minimum deposit. At least none is specified on any of their websites. It appears that you can invest as much as you want. That is until we get to the Trustpilot reviews, which paint a different picture.

The scarce information we could get from their best-designed website, tells us that they use advanced algorithms to look for lucrative trades. They do state you need to set the parameters, which is probably the only true information on the entire website.

Replicated Websites

One of the websites though is a 1/1 replica of the Crypto Superstar’s. This leads us to conclude that this is a well-organized group of scammers working on multiple fronts at once. If they don’t get lucky with one “crypto trading bot”, they will just go after users under a different name.

similar website layout
cryptosoft net frontpage

An Interesting (and Fake) Story about Cryptosoft

On one of their websites, Cryptosoft plays a video of their satisfied customers before prompting you to sign up. The video specifies that only the first 77 people to sign up will get it for free and forever.

The satisfied customers have been making absurd amounts of money. The video states that you can make $1,760 daily. While occasionally possible, you will agree that it is impossible to do it every day unless you make a high-value-high-risk investment, which we do not recommend.

Who is Thomas Green?

In the video, the CEO and “inventor” of the Cryptosoft trading algorithm, Thomas Green introduces himself, but only vocally. We don’t see a picture of this person.

Furthermore, there aren’t any articles or posts of this person who has, allegedly, made millions in crypto trading. One would expect to find some newspaper articles or at least one or two social media accounts. We’ve found zero.

Fake Badges to Make You Trust Cryptosoft

One of the Cryptosoft websites even has badges at the bottom to make you trust them. So, the first one is pretty standard, it is an SSL certificate. This means that the communication between you and the website’s server is encrypted and it is highly unlikely for hackers to intercept it.

This doesn’t mean that your personal information is protected from those who are in on the scam.

fake badges

Now, the other two are far more interesting. The first one is posted on several other websites to guarantee you will be satisfied with their service. Take note that it isn’t anything official. No external entity guarantees you satisfaction and it is not an award.

stock guarantee badges

The other one is very similar to Guilded’s logo, which is a video game chat service. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. So basically, they all mean nothing in terms of assurances and protection.

stock guarantee badges

Fake Address

As it is common with these scams, there is only a “Contact Us” form, not any real contact information, and certainly not a physical address. But Trustpilot can be trusted to have a listed address for almost any business.

fake address

And when we searched for the same address on the official government website in the UK, we have gotten a completely different company:

fake company

Aldgate East Technologies Ltd. does not exist in the online sphere anywhere. No website, no newspaper articles, nothing.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

Fake Testimonials on Cryptosoft Website

When we went on the properly designed website for Cryptosoft, we got to see testimonials from satisfied customers.

We have researched the people who left these reviews and gotten the following results:

fake testimonials
fake testimonials
fake testimonials
fake testimonials
fake testimonials
fake testimonials
fake testimonials

The first person is most likely real and has quite probably had his picture misused (presumably without his knowledge). The other two are used and abused in many a corner of the internet for reviews and similar shenanigans.

Fake Cryptosoft Reviews on Trustpilot

Just when we thought we’ve discovered all of the websites, another one poped up. 

Trustpilot website

This one is linked to their Trustpilot account with multiple (fake) positive reviews.

fake review
fake review

While people may trust fellow users to share their true experiences on websites such as Trustpilot, we advise you to proceed with caution. The scammers have noticed this and use fake accounts, created specifically for this purpose, to mislead the reader into trusting them.

Notice that the positive reviews never offer any real pieces of information, just sing praises and thank the company. Also, take note that those people only have that one review.

And when looking at the negative reviews, it is noticeable that they are usually written by the people who have posted something else.

negative review

But the real treasure in this particular Cryptosoft review is that the person named Russ. He has posted a negative review about one of their websites, but also another one for the other website.

negative review
negative review

From here, it is easy to conclude that these scammers redirect potential users to yet another website for the offshore brokers, making it impossible to retrieve money once people figure out their scheme.

FAQs on Cryptosoft Trading Bot

What is Cryptosoft?

Cryptosoft is a platform meant to trick people into thinking that it is a crypto trading algorithm and take away their money.

Is Cryptosoft a legitimate crypto trading bot?

No, it isn’t. It is an elaborate scheme to make you deposit your money for an alleged crypto trading software only to never see it again.

Is it safe to use Cryptosoft?

It absolutely isn’t! Nobody should waste time and money investing with Cryptosoft.

Is Cryptosoft a scam?

Cryptosoft is a scam. They lure people by promising the help of a crypto trading bot to make a profit from cryptocurrency trading, only to take their hard-earned money away.

Our Verdict: Cryptosoft Is a Scam

As we have demonstrated in this Cryptosoft review, there is plenty of evidence not to trust Cryptosoft. Nobody should invest money with them, as there will be no profit, nor will people get back the initial investment.

Also, we advise against leaving personal data with them, as they will incessantly call to try and con people out of their money. If someone wishes to invest in cryptocurrencies, we recommend checking out proven, licensed, and legitimate crypto trading platforms and bots.

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