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Ethereum Code – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Reading Time: 6 minutes

How to use Ethereum Code – Full Review: What Is Ethereum Code and Is It Worth Time?

In the ever-growing crypto trading industry, there are numerous tools and programs to help predict favorable outcomes. Most commonly they are known as crypto trading bots.

Crypto trading bots can help you by monitoring certain pre-set parameters. Once they reach the desired values, the bots can execute the trade automatically, without human oversight.

One such crypto trading bot is Ethereum Code. Or so the website claims. In this detailed Ethereum Code review, we will examine their claims and offer. We will also execute external research to see if it is worth time and dime.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 0%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews) 0%
Overall rating 10%

Ethereum Code – All Looks and No Substance

When googling Ethereum Code, we encountered the first red flag. Right from the start, we found it suspicious to have multiple websites, as shown in these photos.

the ethereumcode pro com frontpage
similar front page layout
similar front page layout
similar front page layout

The layout may be slightly different on each of the websites and the logos are not the same, but the domains are similar enough. We will get into the design peculiarities later.

The websites seem professionally designed, so they can easily fool an innocent eye. But let’s dig deeper into the text.

They offer the best strategies, brokers, and technologies. And all of it is free! Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is.

No serious business would offer a product for free, except on a trial basis. If they just hand it around, they will never make a profit. Yet this company somehow manages to do both apparently.

Also, they have won an award or two, they claim. One such occurrence would definitely pique the public’s interest. Yet nowhere on the internet is it possible to find an article about this. Not even a mention.

Furthermore, they state to have implemented the latest security protocols. Except they don’t bother to inform their customers which ones exactly.

However, they do at one point state to use VPS functionality. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is basically like a computer away from computer, offering security in case of unforeseen events, like power outages.

This makes for compelling descriptions on the websites. Alas, it lacks any substance or information.

Ethereum Code Déjà Vu

While researching Ethereum Code’s credibility, we have had a distinct sensation we have already seen this. And to no surprise, one of their websites looks just like Crypto Superstar’s other two.

the ethereumcode pro com frontpage
the crypto superstar com domain frontpage
the crypto superstart financialmarketsworld url

The background image is exactly the same, even the fake news clip is the same.

But the Déjà Vu Doesn’t Stop There

To prove that these scams are a gift that keeps on giving, we have located yet another website. And this one is also exactly the same in design as other similar scamming websites. Here are the examples.

similar front page layout

Yuan Pay Group:

similar front page layout

Crypto Trader:

similar front page layout

The News Spy:

similar front page layout

Bitcoin Buyer:

similar front page layout

This just goes to prove that these scammers are all connected. They form a well-organized group, ready to go after people’s money with multiple fake domains and promises. It just shows how elaborate these schemes are, praying on innocent people.

No Ethereum Code Mobile App

While one of the websites explicitly states that there is a mobile app for smartphones, there isn’t one. We have extensively checked Google Play Store and couldn’t find any such app to download.

Since they haven’t even put the effort into creating one, it is highly unlikely anyone will ever see any profits from this scamming trading bot algorithm. It further proves that they want to take as much money as they can before eventually disappearing.

No Address or Contact Details

Most reputable companies have their contact information prominently displayed on the website. Especially one that requires a lot of communication with customers, as is the trading industry.

Aside from the Contact Us form on the websites, Ethereum Code offers no other means of contact. There are no numbers or emails on their website.

But more importantly, there is no physical address. A vast majority of companies will have their physical address listed somewhere on the website to instill confidence in their customers.

Since this company has no address on any of the websites, we have searched and found one on their highly-scored Trustpilot page. (There are others, with really low scores.)

fake address

We noticed an address registered in the UK, so we checked the government database. Of all the companies registered to that address, only one deals with cryptocurrencies.

company dissolved

And that one has been dissolved. This means that the company is in the process of being stricken out of the record and doesn’t have valid licenses to continue trading.

Fake Trustpilot Reviews

More often than not, sites like Trustpilot can be helpful in determining if a company or service is to be trusted or not. However, when dealing with scammers proceed with caution.

First of all, check all the negative reviews separately, as well as positive. If a company has all 5-star reviews, it can be something fishy.

The scammers have learned that people rely on people for recommendations. So they have created a network of bots ready to post fake glowing reviews.

fake review
fake review

These fake reviews can be spotted by checking a few things. First of all, if the person has only one review, it can be a bot. If there are plenty, it is without a doubt well-oiled bot machinery at play.

Secondly, check for any details one might learn only by using a particular service. If it all praises and no additional information, then tread carefully.

If it is all of the above, with only one negative review about a scam, run in the opposite direction.

bad review
bad review

As demonstrated here, the persons posting have other reviews posted prior to this one. They then describe a pretty common occurrence in these situations: calls from various numbers, offshore, unregulated brokers, etc.

Even one comment like this is enough for anybody to suspect foul play.

FAQs on Ethereum Code

What is Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code is a group of scammers pretending to offer a crypto trading bot software to con people.

How much can I earn with Ethereum Code?

You probably can’t earn anything. It is highly likely you will also lose money should you invest with Ethereum Code.

Is Ethereum Code a scam?

Ethereum Code is a scam. The website design is very persuasive, but when reading about their offer, it is obvious they are liars. The other reviews only further prove this.

Should I invest with Ethereum Code?

You most definitely should not! Ethereum Code is an elaborate scheme meant to deceive you to give up your money.

Is Ethereum Code safe to use?

It most definitely isn’t. It is designed to con its users out of their money. As soon as it is charged to a credit card, it goes out of the country to the offshore brokers. After that, it is impossible to get it back.

Our Verdict: Ethereum Code is a Scam!

Multiple websites, similar designs, no address, and all the same tricks. As demonstrated in this extensive Ethereum Code review, this is a well-tested matrix by which these scams operate.

They get people’s data, incessantly phone to get their hands on the money. By the time a person realizes they have been defrauded, the money is long gone. This is why it is always best to pay licensed brokers and companies for these services.

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