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The News Spy – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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The News Spy logo

How to Use The News Spy Bot – Full Review: What Is It and Why You Should Avoid It

Crypto trading bots are automated trading software. The purpose of every software of this kind is to get maximum convenience and profit from the process of crypto trading. 

The News Spy bot should be one of those kinds of software, but it is actually an elaborate scheme. We will present evidence to the fact in this News Spy review.

As stated by bot creators, the process of crypto trading will go smoothly and become easier with the help of this modern software.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 90%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 50%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews) 0%
Overall rating 20%

News Spy – All About the Nice Look

From the first glance, it is clear that money was put into the site’s professional look. The better the design, the more legitimate it will seem.

According to the website, the core 7 features of The News Spy are

  1. Free registration with bonuses
  2. Free demo account
  3. Ease of use with full automatization
  4. The minimum deposit is $250
  5. Support and payouts work 24/7
  6. The software support trades
  7. High returns.

The News Spy scammers have raised the fake hype around the registration on the platform. The banner with the countdown timer is meant to fool you and hasten your decision. This is the trick the scammers often use to raise more money in a short period of time.

the website banner

Why is it risky to register with The News Spy?

First of all, let’s delve deeper and outline the core peculiarities of what investors look for. When registering with a crypto trading robot, you should consider:

Effectiveness – the full automatization starting from investments to payouts with minimum human interference;

Ease of use – the crypto trading bot should have a user-friendly interface; nobody wants to spend time reading huge guides or user manuals 

Free bonuses, demo accounts, and other perks – the more free features the bot includes, the better and pleasant the whole investment and trading process will be. 

So, why is it risky to register with The News Spy bot?

The whole software seems to be a clone. There are at least other two websites with the same layout in the same industry.

frontpage similar to other apps
frontpage similar to other apps
multiple similar websites

If that is not enough, there are many sites on the Internet offering registration with The News Spy. This makes it hard to tell which one is the original, legitimate software; if there is one.

multiple similar websites
news spy pro frontpage
multiple similar websites
multiple similar websites

No Real Information on The News Spy Websites

The project portrays itself as a get-rich-quick scheme. All such algorithms should be very carefully examined before investing your finances into them!

On one website they say the initial deposit can be as high or low as the users want, on the other, it is $250.

fake claims about being free

Another discrepancy we have found on multiple websites is about it being free. On one it is completely free of charge, on another, there is a 2% commission fee for the brokers.

subscription fee

Furthermore, we have not found a phone app. It is very suspicious that they haven’t developed one.

Nowadays, most aspects of our lives happen via a mobile phone and there is an app for almost anything. If they spent so much money developing the algorithm, why not invest in a mobile, more approachable version of it?

Fake Positive Reviews for News Spy

It is always sound advice to check what other users have to say about a service. So we searched on Trustpilot and found multiple accounts. We have taken a look at the one with the most posts.

First of all, there is a notice from Trustpilot itself, calling to attention the misuse on the page. They have noticed suspicious activity and removed all comments deemed fake. Some remain, still.

fake review on trustpilot

These comments always have one common thread: praise the company, saying they have made money, but do not explain how. These posts do not offer any insights into how the platform works either.

fake review

On the other hand, there are negative comments. These commenters usually have more than one review posted on Trustpilot. And there is a commonality there too: they have been harassed by phone from various numbers.

negative review
negative review

FAQ on Checking Is The News Spy a Scam

Should I use crypto trading bots?

The solid answer to this question is yes. But you should pay attention to the major and obvious facts to avoid losing your money and time.

How do I spot a crypto scam?

Huge payouts with guaranteed big returns should be a red flag for you. Free money offerings: whether it is in cash or any of the popular cryptocurrencies, promises of free money are always fake. Be very skeptical about all these claims.

Is it safe to use The News Spy?

No, it isn’t. The News Spy crypto bot is a scam. They lure customers with promises and harass them over the phone for more and more money.

Is The News Spy a scam?

Yes, it is. In this article, there is plenty of evidence to show how they operate and why it is a scam.

Is The News Spy safe?

No, it isn’t. There are multiple websites, none of them are real and they only want to take away people’s money.

How much can I make with The News Spy?

You can’t make money with the News Spy. It is a scam. They operate under the assumption that the professionally designed will fool users. They fish for people’s personal information and harass them into giving more money.

Is The News Spy bot legit or a scam? – Our verdict

It is more than obvious that this trading bot is a scam. We strongly advise never to register with these guys.

The lack of basic information they should provide is a sign there is something fishy going on, as demonstrated in the News Spy review. Add to that, multiple websites, negative reviews, and opposing information, and it is a scam, pure and simple.

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